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Saturday, January 22, 2011

American Baked Beans Recipe

Whenever we went to a barbecue at a friend of mine, she would always make this great baked beans recipe. Pam used to live in the states and says it is a family favourite over there. She would just put in the amounts she thought were right and didn't ever measure them out. I asked her to give me the recipe and so she did with the instruction to taste as I went along to make sure if it would either need more or less sugar.
I love this very simple and great tasting way of having beans and it is a must with a barbecue or doing spare ribs.
I have made mine a gluten free recipe by using gluten free ingredients but you can always used the normal sauces etc if you prefer.

1 extra large can of baked beans ( I use Heinz)
4 large rashes bacon
2 tomatoes cubed
1 large chopped onion
1/4 cup gluten free tomato sauce
1/2 cup gluten free barbecue sauce
2 tablespoon brown sugar

Mix all ingredients together and place in a large baking or casserole dish
Bake in a moderate over for approx 1 hour. Check and if it needs it, continue cooking for another half an hour.
You want the dish to be nice and set but not dried out.