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Monday, June 30, 2008

Diabetic Chicken Green Curry Recipe

I love curries and am always looking for ones that can be adapted so as to be suitable for diabetic cooking. All I have done is exchange coconut cream for light carnation milk with coconut. I think that you will be pleanantly suprised by doing this. It is very easy to make and goes a long way. I always serve it with rice and some nice seasonal veges on the side.


500g chicken thigh or breast fillets- diced
1 large onion
small head of broccoli
handful sliced beans (I use frozen baby beans)
1 can light and creamy carnation milk with coconut
almond slivers or flakes
1 tablespoon green curry paste
1 teaspoon bottled garlic


Lightly spray a large pan or wok and gently cook the chicken and onion for a few minutes.
Add the curry and garlic and continue cooking for several minutes but do not overcook.
Add the milk and simmer for around 10 minutes.
Add the vegetables and almonds and let simmer until just cooked.
Serve with rice and some side vegetables.
You can always reduce the amount of curry paste if you don't like it too hot.