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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rocky Road Recipe

My sister Mandy is a fabulous cook and is always being asked to cater for friends parties as well as cooking for huge groups of people at her church camps. You can be sure that when you go to a dinner or social party at her place, you will get the most wonderful dishes served up to you. Mandy also is good at seeking out really easy recipes to make and this is one of them. She always make this to add to her christmas array of goodies and once you have made it you will love it as much as I do. It is simple to make and one that you can use generic brand ingredients for.


200g pkt unsalted peanuts
2 x 200g blocks cooking milk chocolate
1 large (or 2 normal) size pkt pink and white marshmallows
2 bars of Frys turkish delight

Line a slice tin with some baking paper.
Melt chocolate in top of a double saucepan, set over bottom pan of simmering water. Do not get any steam or water in the chocolate or it will go grainy and be ruined. Even a wet spoon will ruin it so make sure it is completely dry.
While chocolate is melting, roughly choc up marshmallows and turkish delight bars. Place all other ingredients into a large bowl and pour over melted chocolate and mix through.
Pour into slice tin and smooth over with a large spoon.
Set in the refigerator and chill until set. Remove and roughly break up into bite size pieces.
You can also add some dessicated coconut to the chocolate if you like it in the rocky road.