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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Broccoli Salad

My sister-in-law Angela dished this yummy salad up at a barbecue at her place. She was given it by a family member in Canada. Everyone at the party loved it and so I asked her for the recipe to add to my site. She didn't give me the exact quantities of each ingredient in it so I made a salad up myself and have hopefully got it right. It tasted great so I am happy with my results. I found that it tasted even better the following day and that is because the sultanas had a chance to swell overnight.
You can always play around with salads and either add or take away, depending on personal taste. I know that once you make this wonderful dish, you will want to make it again and again.

1 large broccoli or 2 small
3/4 cup sultanas
1/2 medium size red onion (could use a white salad onion)
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup grapes (if out of season use 1 - 2 kiwi fruit instead)
1/2 cup Miracle Whip mayonnaise
3 - 4 rashers of lean bacon

Fry or grill bacon till nice and crisp. Remove from heat and dice while still warm. Set aside to cool down.
Wash broccoli thoroughly and cut into small florets. Place in a large mixing bowl.
Finely slice the onion and add to bowl.
Toss in the sultanas and grapes, or if using kiwi fruit, peel and dice, then add to bowl.
Add the sunflower seeds, bacon and mayonnaise and give a really good stir so it is well combined.
Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator. Leave for at least 5 hours or preferably overnight.
Serve with meat, chicken or fish. Especially great with a barbecue.