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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tomato Sauce

This was given to me about 22 years ago by Cheryl who was a neighbour of mine when I lived in Gelorup which is a little community about 10 klm south of Bunbury where I grew up. When our children were growing up, there was not the takaways that are around today and as we lived away from a town or shopping centre, we always did our own cooking as well as sharing favourite recipes. I do not like commercially made sauces, pickles etc so when I got this easy tomato sauce recipe, I would always make it each year when our home grown tomatoes were nice and ripe. Organically grown tomatoes always taste better but make sure they are very ripe for this recipe.


3.5 kilos ripe tomato
750 mls spiced vinegar
1 teaspoon cayene pepper
900 grams sugar
2 tablespoons salt

Boil all together for 3 hours and bottle.

Pork Fillets in Burgundy Cream Sauce

This was a recipe I found in my mums handwritten recipe book. I cannot remember her ever making this dish so I decided to make it and to my delight it is a really great but different way to serve pork. Port is such a great meat to have as nowadays it is so lean and healthy. As this is quite a rich tasting dish, it goes well with steamed rice and green vegetables such as broccoli, brussel spouts and/or green beans.


500 g pork fillets
1 tablespoon green peppercorns
1/2 cup burgundy
2 egg yolks
70 - 100 mls cream
1 chicken stock cube
125 g butter
sea salt to taste

Melt butter in heavy based pan ( I use a Scanpan) then add the pork fillets and simmer. Add chicken stock cube to the burgundy in a saucepan and boil until it reduces to about half. Beat the egg yolks and cream together and add to burgundy mix. Still until it becomes thick but keep lifting off and on the heat to stop it from boiling as this will ruin it. Add peppercorns to pork which has been turned and cooked thorough. Add a little sea salt to taste and then arrange pork onto a serving dish and pour the sauce over then serve.