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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Date & Sweet Potato Cake Recipe

I first tasted this delightful cake at a luncheon organised by the Arthritis Foundation and I had to ask the lady who made it if she would give me the recipe. I'm glad to say that she cheerfully obliged me with it and I would like to share it with you. Although it takes a little time, it is simple to make and a great cake to serve at an afternoon tea party or a luncheon.


100g pitted dates - chopped
600g sweet potato - peeled and chopped
250g softened butter
300g caster sugar
4 eggs
300g SR flour
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup walnut halves - toasted


Grease and line a 22cm springform cake tin.
Preheat oven to 180C.
Place sweet potato pieces in a saucepan and cover with water. Simmer until soft then drain off and mash or process until smooth. Set aside. Can use microwave if prefered.
Beat butter and sugar until pale and creamy.
Add the mashed sweet potato.
Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
Add flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, dates and walnuts and mix thoroughly.
Spoon batter into the cake tin and bake around 40 minutes or until cooked through.
Turn cake out on a wire rack and allow to cool.
Dust with icing sugar and serve with caramelised sweet potato strips.


1 small sweet potato
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 cup sugar
50ml water

Peel about 20 strips from the potato and set aside.
In a saucepan, place honey, sugar and water. Over a low heat bring to the boil.
Boil until the syrup thickens slightly (about 5 minutes)
Add the sweet potato strips and simmer for 3 minutes.
Remove and let cool on a foil lined tray.
Arrange over top of cake to serve.